Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware & Data

What technology does Sous Temp use?

Sous Temp sensors use LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology. It operates on license-free spectrum and its standard is driven by the LoRa Alliance.

What kind of data will I be able to track?

Temperature, humidity and battery level readings.

How accurate is Sous Temp?

Sous Temp sensors provide an accuracy of ±0.5°C over the range −10 to +85°C.

Mobile App

Do you support both iOS and Android?

Our app works seamlessly across both platforms and wide array of mobile devices and tablets.

Can I manage multiple restaurants?

Users can add as many restaurants or facilities as they would like.

Can I share access to my restaurant with others?

Restaurant owners can easily invite other staff members to help with management. Each restaurant has its own role-based access system allowing you to control the level of access your staff has per location.

Can I generate summary reports?

Our mobile app makes it easy to generate summary reports as PDF documents that can be emailed, printed or shared through other supporting apps on your phone.

Security & Privacy

Who has access to Sous Temp services?

Access to data is via mandatory role-based access control. Customers cannot access the data of other customers.

Why doesn't my account have a password?

Sous Temp uses SMS-based passwordless authentication. With each login attempt we send you a text link that grants you access to the app.