The Future of Food Safety
Our Mission
Sous Temp’s mission is to reduce food waste and food-borne illness. Our temperature monitoring solution allows facilities to remotely monitor their refrigeration and food storage units. The data collected by our sensors is accessible to customers via our companion app, weekly reports, and sms alerts. We are working towards providing full traceability across the cold chain lifecycle.
Why we're doing this
Our number one priority is to restore consumer confidence in our food. In order to do this, we need to bring together a number of different institutions and processes. The time is now right for this solution: hardware costs have dropped, low power, long range communication enables multi year battery life, and most importantly a cultural shift afoot whereby regulators and large institutions are beginning to demand transparency and traceability.
The Future of Sous Temp
Full traceability from a temperature-controlled supply chain is now a necessity. We're committed to establishing Sous Temp as the leader in cold chain management by building a product that monitors, analyzes, documents, and validates the products entire lifecycle.

Our Team

Christopher Dro


Chris founded Async a successful digital product agency alongside Zack. Additionally, he is the initiator of The Things Network Los Angeles, a community group focused on providing free IoT connectivity to the city of Los Angeles.

Zack Story


Zack founded Async a successful digital product agency alongside Chris. Additionally Zack wrote Redux Persist, a widely used open source library with millions of downloads per year.

Steven Tate


Steve’s an award-winning leader in digital media, and an advisor in emerging tech. He’s been instrumental in raising capital and developing growth tactics for early stage companies. Steve helps brands tell their most authentic story by uncovering their DNA to clarify their mission and create compelling stories that resonate most with consumers.

Michael Polier


Michael Polier is a business development professional with extensive experience building new ventures and driving ideas to fruition. Currently, Michael is the founder and CEO of, an online B2B marketplace for the wholesale foodservice industry.

Michael Corr


Michael is the CEO and Founder of Duro Labs, a software company offering tools for hardware engineers to better manage the design and manufacturing of their products. Over the span of his career he has developed a range of products including drones, IoT devices, wearables, telecom equipment, and cleantech products. Duro Labs is based in Los Angeles, CA.